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I suppose that, on the internet, many people try to be the person they can't be out in the world. It might be to an advantage; being more outgoing and making friends easier, for example. It can also be to a disadvantage, perhaps bullying or doing things for attention, no matter how negative.

Throughout this, dishonesty can be used in varying degrees. Perhaps you're not comfortable talking about a painful childhood, so you tell a story that's easier to deal with. Or perhaps you're embarrassed about your job, so you tell people that it's nicer than it is.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people, unfortunately, will be dishonest for personal gain. They might manipulate people because it makes them feel powerful, or they might downtalk their economic situation in order to get money from others.

It can start small, with white lies and fibs. Such insignificant things, but it tends to snowball. As much as you may not realize it, the bigger the lies get, the harder it is to keep them straight, and under your control.

The benefits might appear to outweigh the risks, but for how long? Remember what people say about the internet keeping things on it forever, that you can never get rid of them completely?

So, it might seem innocent enough, to tell people you're broke and have bills to pay, so here's a sale at your online shop and could they please help you out, but months later people are going to put two and two together. They're going to figure out that the expensive tech toys, trips, and luxury spending don't match up with how often you claim you need money, and then, best case scenario, they won't be sure if they can trust you anymore.


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